Can I share (or export) data to somewhere else? Can the measured data get connected to other healtcare app services (Apple Health, MyFinessPal, etc.)?




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    Ismar Slomic

    It would be very useful if you could provide measurement data through REST API, such as Fitbit does. Im currently developing an dashboard which aggregates and visualize health data from different data sources, such as Fitbit and I would love to get Pie measurement data as well.

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    Adriane Hunt

    Please can you provide an update on the progress of if you have completed integration with other apps such as those you listed above. I would love to buy your product but an not an apple use and want it to integrate to other dashboard health tracker tools like "Heads Up". If you don't have an API yet or don't integrate with Heads Up, I can get to your information from several of there other apps you listed above and would immediately buy your product. Thank you! in advance for you update.

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    Nona Drake

    I was ready to buy 2 of these, but without integration with Android fitness, and MyFitnessPal it's pointless.

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